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Ere | After

How is this chapter different from all other chapters? (A weak Pesach joke, sorry.) My astounding beta, lilithilien, rescued this chapter from two-dimensionality and pushed me to make the motivations clearer. (Thank you!!) Please recline, and enjoy.

Title: Past Performance Is Not Necessarily A Guide
Pairing: Cillian Murphy & Naomie Harris from 28 Days Later...
Rating: NC-17 (RPF, Het)
Summary: Cillian arrives at Naomie's hotel...
Author's Notes: Alex is the film's screenwriter, Danny is the director, and Chris plays the ranking officer of the platoon. The friend Naomie mentions is purely fictional.
Disclaimer: So utterly and completely invented. Never happened. I don't know these actors, and my hours and hours of work were entirely unpaid.

Previous Chapters:
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Chapter 2: A Vulnerable Position
Chapter 3: Already Messy
Chapter 4: Tomorrow Never Knows
Chapter 5: Cill Me Now
Chapter 6: Everything Upended

The mobile's ring startles Naomie. When she sees the name on the screen, her heart pounds wildly. With a raspy voice, she answers, "Cillian?"

"Alright, did I wake you?"

"Yeah, I was taking a nap. What time is it?"

"Half six."

"Oh, wow. S'later than I thought."

There's a pause.

"So, um, how did it go last night?" Naomie asks, carefully modulating her tone to sound casual.

Cillian's voice brightens. "Brill! Alex came back with a rewrite that was just spot on."

"Ah, that's fantastic."

"Yeah, Chris and I got some deadly interplay going, and Danny was chuffed, I think."

"That's a relief."

"Mm hmm."

Another pause.

"Hey, what's that noise in the background?"

"I'm, um, outside," Cillian answers tentatively. "I'm... I'm sitting outside your hotel."

"You are?" A hot thrill burns through her core.

"I've been sitting on one of the benches out front."

"Sooo... do you want to come in or um...?"

"I was thinking... maybe we could go get something to eat?"

"Oh. Yeah. OK. Give me a few minutes to get dressed."




Naomie hops out of bed excitedly, starts hurrying around haphazardly. I can't believe it! He came! We're going out! Then she stops in her tracks. But he sounded a little weird. Suddenly the idea of talking over dinner seems very nerve-wracking. What does this mean? Is this where he says, "I can't do this"? Or is this a date?!?

Oh god, what should I wear? What do I even have with me? She digs out the sexiest knickers she has on hand and a push-up bra. God, why do I feel so desperate? I don't want to feel like this.

I wish I could to talk to Mum about this, but she'd be so horrified.
Naomie still lives at home and usually tells her everything. Her mum's her biggest champion. From her first bout of stage fright as a child to her isolation among the posh whites at Cambridge, her mother always pushed her to face her fears and climb to greater heights. But what she's doing now is not something her mum would cheer her on about.

Naomie pulls a tight, low-cut knit shirt over her head. Maybe I should call Cyn -- she'd understand. She knows how lonely I've been. But she'd still tell me I was being stupid and self-destructive and I just can't hear that right now.

Tugging on an '80-ish mini skirt, she accidentally pokes a bruise on her hip and cringes. I'm so tired. This shoot is gruelling and it's felt like such a boys' club lately. I'm so weary of being on the outside. And I'm so sick of watching other people's emotional lives happen. I just want to be at the centre of something exciting for once, get a little loving for once in my life. Is that so wrong? Even if it can't last -- I can accept that. Something is better than endless nothing. With my luck, who knows when I'll get this chance again?

She zips up knee-high boots. Maybe this could actually work out. After all, he's not married. He does seem to have strong feelings for me. At least I think he does.

Concentrating on a quick bit of eye makeup and hair pressing proves difficult. But maybe it's just sexual, maybe he's done this before with other co-stars. Maybe I'm a total sucker. But should that matter to me? It's the best sex I've ever had. Just be in the now, just enjoy what you can get -- right?

I know what Cyn would say to that: "Get real. This could really mess you up. Why are you doing this to yourself?"
Then she shivers at the thought of Cillian's strong, sensuous mouth kissing her again, maybe within minutes. How could I not do this?

She dabs on a little lip gloss. Shit, what's my plan to save face if he wants to break it off? I don't know, I don't know... just don't lose it. Please let that not be what he's going to do!

Naomie pulls on a jacket, tucks a newly purchased box of condoms into her bag. Checks the mirror one last time. Walks out of her room. It used to be so easy to talk to him. Now everything is so explosive, so complicated. How am I going to carry on a coherent conversation?

Her stomach is all butterflies when she spies Cillian through the hotel's front window. He's smoking a fag, hunched over a bit... Wait, he's swigging a bottle of wine! Oh no. Naomie pauses a second, puzzling over how to take this, what to say--if anything. A pang of guilt makes her heart ache for him, but a pang of fear swallows it. What is he bolstering his courage for?

She waits until he starts to lift the bottle again and strides out the door, catching him in the act. "Hey...?" she greets him.

Cillian gulps down a mouthful of wine. "Oh, hi," he says, awkwardly putting down the bottle, stamping out his cigarette, standing up. "Uh, I ah... needed to take the edge off -- you know, relax a little, with... everything being..." He shrugs uneasily.

She nods. They stand a short distance apart, both unsure how to greet each other.

Hesitantly, he suggests, "Let's go get a bottle of wine for the both of us, like?"

"I don't usually drink."

"Could've fooled me."

"That night wasn't one of my proudest moments."

"Well, I certainly thought you had your moments that night." Cillian's mouth shows the hint of a sly smile.

He's flirting, she observes happily, gazing into his gorgeous eyes. Cillian stares back, his slight smile starting to smoulder, stirring her butterflies again. Kiss me, she thinks.

But a flicker of nerves blows right through that burning look, and he takes a step away, points toward a little restaurant across the courtyard. 'Want to get some dinner?"


The dining room isn't full, so when the host seats them right next to another party, Cillian gets him to move them to a more private table. Naomie studies her menu but quickly realises that she hasn't absorbed a single thing she's read. Cillian orders burgundy, and the host soon appears with the bottle and pours for them both. Cillian raises his glass, eyebrows questioning whether she'll join him.

What the hell? Probably'll help me chill out. Naomie responds with a here-goes-nothing look, clinks her glass against his, and takes a sip.

Immediately after they each order a soup and salad, Cillian blurts those dreaded words: "I think we need to talk."

She mutters under her breath, "Bloody hell," her heart beating painfully fast.

"Please hear me out," he says quickly, in low voice. "You have to listen to me -- I can't do any more of this without us talking about what we're doing. I feel like..." He reaches under the tablecloth to take her hand. "I feel like I should be saying we can't do this, but I don't want to stop. Or... I can't stop, somehow." Scrunching his eyes shut, he steels himself to continue.

So this is what he was gathering his courage for. Suddenly, the wine seems like a really good idea. Naomie drinks and tries to focus on Cillian's words.

"This is serious -- what I mean is, the fact that I'm doing this is a big fucking deal, and I'd feel like a real arse if I let this go any further without talking about what it means for me. I'd feel like... like I was... well, I just don't want to lead you on." Cillian tilts his head and gives her an unsure, searching look.

"You haven't promised me anything," Naomie responds weakly, wishing they could just pretend there was no past, no future. "There's nothing to talk about it. This is what it is."

He sighs. "It is what it is? But what is that? I know it's not nothing. You said in your message that we should let ourselves find out what this is."

Naomie is silent, just looks down at the blank white porcelain dish in front of her. Yes, but let's just be, let's just be together now. I don't want to talk about this. I don't want to find myself begging you to leave her. I don't want to become pathetic and whiny.

"You have to let me tell you what you're getting yourself into, because otherwise it's like... " His voice drops. "Look, she's my family. Her family is like my family. We've been together for years. We have a... a plan for how our life is going to be... family." Naomie squirms in her chair, and Cillian grips her hand more firmly, the words spilling out faster and faster. "I can't say that you're not making me question whether I really want that life, because you are making me question it. But you should know that it's not because I was feeling scared of that life or that I was trying to escape my responsibilities that I... that I got involved with you. You and me -- it was totally fucking unexpected, so it's more like I'm... being forced to question whether I really want what I thought I wanted because I'm acting in a way that's destructive to something I've built. And there must be some reason for it, but fuck if I know what it is. But I wasn't looking for a way out. I've never... done anything like this in the past. I feel so... drawn to you that I can't seem to... " He trails off and lets go of her hand.

Naomie shivers as the warmth of the wine shocks her empty belly, radiating up to meet the nervous waves riding down from her shoulders.

"Please, Naomie... that was hard to say," he says shakily. "Tell me what you're thinking, yeah?"

She takes a deep breath. "This past week -- god, even before -- I've been thinking over and over that my heart seems to be on a bloody suicide mission. But I can't make myself... turn back. I can't help... wanting you. And now, I, I -- how am I supposed to respond to that?" Tears blur her vision. "One minute I tell myself that at least I'm not the one with obligations, that it's your... your..." She looks away, embarrassed, knowing if she continues, the tears will spill out.

"I'm sorry."

They sit quietly for a spell. Cillian downs his glass of wine.

"Don't be sorry," Naomie sighs softly, after regaining her composure. "I know you're just trying to be honest."

"I don't want to hurt you. Fuck it, we're both hurting already. Maybe this is just stupid. Maybe we should stop now, before... before we go too far."

Her chest constricts around her lungs, hot fear stabs her gut. Can't stop. Not yet. Please. She takes a long swallow of wine, forces herself to ask, "What do you mean by 'before we go too far'?"

"Like, eh... I don't know."

"C'mon, you meant something by 'too far'."

"Well... sexually."

She gives a bitter laugh. "God, men. You're not saying you think we haven't had sex, are you?"

"Well... yeah. We haven't, ah, exactly... fucked."

"Is that what your line in the sand is about?" She drops her voice to a hush. "Do you console yourself that you haven't cheated if you stop before you put your cock -- "

"Wait, I'm not saying that I haven't... that's not what I meant by -- "

"OK, maybe you don't think you haven't -- "

The waitress looks a little embarrassed as she sets down their plates. "Enjoy your meal," she says, beating a hasty retreat.

Naomie presses on, her cheeks burning. "But why do you think they call it finger fucking? Because it's fucking. It's sex." You were fucking me. You can't rationalise away fucking me like it's nothing.

"Kind of. But it's not quite the same either."

"Um, oral sex -- oral sex? It's sex."

"OK, OK," he laughs nervously. "I see what you're driving at. But I think you know that it's different too."

"Is it? Is it different if you're licking me until I come?" she asks, her eyes locked on his. "If you're inside me, feeling me clench around your hand? If you're looking into my eyes, coming all over my naked skin? Is it different? It's not sex? It's not fucking?"

He stares at her, looking rattled and turned on.

Naomie's discombobulated: she feels manipulated, aroused, fearful, guilty, exhilarated. She looks down, stirs her soup distractedly.

After a while, Cillian ventures, "I don't know if I can eat anything right now."


"Let's go back to your room."

Naomie looks up sharply.

"Your room, now," he repeats, clearing his throat. "Do you want to go?"

A slow burn uncoils from her cunt, spreading over her hips, creeping hotly up her back. Do I want to go back to the hotel and not fuck now? She nods.

He throws some money on the table and gets up.

I can handle this situation, she tries to reassure herself as she rises to her feet, noticing the wetness between her thighs. Or not. But I can't say no to him. Even if this turns out to be the last time. Especially if it's the last time.

They walk through the restaurant, his hand at the small of her back, teasing the heat further up her spine. As he guides her out the door, it hits her: Perhaps his sexual limits are about his fear of losing control with me.

On the short walk back to the hotel, they don't touch each other, they just give each other sidelong glances, little guilty half-smiles. Cillian opens the hotel's front door for her, and she thinks, Yes, that's how it is different. He fucks me, he makes me come, but it's always been his hand on his cock getting himself off. A plan solidifies in her mind: This time, it's going to be about his body, his orgasm, his letting go for me... my rules. And he's going to cross that line in the sand. No matter what happens later, I want to experience that -- if he'll let me.

They're walking up the old hotel staircase side by side, when before she knows what's happened, he's pulled her into his arms for an impetuous kiss of knee-buckling intensity. It takes every ounce of willpower she has to pull back.

His hypnotic blue eyes are glazed with desire. "Kissing you unravels me," his deep voice rumbles softly.

"Oh, god," she sighs, trying to disentangle herself. "Wait, c'mon..."

Cillian pretends to be incredulous. "You want some privacy?"

"Ha, ha," she retorts sarcastically. "Just... slow down."

"OK, OK," he says, and proceeds to leap up the rest of the stairs two at a time.

Naomie smiles, follows him up. When she gets to the top, he immediately starts caressing her face, but she takes his hand in hers and leads him to her room. As she grapples with her key card and the lock, he crushes his stiffening cock against her bum, pulls at her hips, sucks at her neck. Swooning, she turns the door handle and uses the momentum of the opening door to break away from his hands and mouth.

"Wait," she chokes out, fighting for self-restraint.

He closes the door and starts to walk towards her.

"Wait," she repeats more firmly, holding her hands up as she backs up a few steps.

Cillian halts, his breathing shallow.

"Tonight," she says quietly, taking off her jacket, "I want you to play by my rules. Will you do that?"

His brow furrows, and he chews on the inside of his cheek.

Her nervousness skyrockets, and for a split second she thinks of abandoning her plan, but she persists. "Follow my lead?"

"Yeah," he sighs, closing his eyes for a moment, as if in surrender.

Is this it? No more limits? Her thumping heart feels like it's pushing up into her throat, but she manages, "C'mere, then."

Cillian comes over to her, but doesn't make a move to touch her. His acquiescence sends a joyous surge of excitement through Naomie's body. She wants badly to kiss him, but she waits, just watching him, letting the tension build, feeling her power in the situation grow. His breathing is jittery and he swallows nervously, drawing her eyes to his throat; her mouth follows, moving in slowly to kiss him there as he exhales hard. Whilst kissing her way around his neck, she opens his jacket and pushes it off his shoulders, slips her hands under his T-shirt and runs her fingertips up his back, making him shiver. Slowly, she pulls his body flush against hers, and is unable to restrain a tiny guttural reaction to feeling the length of his body and the bulge in his jeans press against her. Incredibly, his body starts to shake, and Naomie's cunt clenches at his intense response. When she simultaneously squeezes his arse and bites his neck, he whimpers and quickly threads his fingers through the hair at the base of her neck.

Hoarsely, he stammers, "I n- need your mouth,"

"You have it," she murmurs against the skin just below his ear, then sucks his neck lightly.

Suddenly, Cillian yanks her off him by the scruff of her neck, and she gasps in surprise. Breathing hard, they stare at each other in a momentary standoff. She whispers, "Stay with me. Let me. Just let me." Finally, his fingers relax their grip and move into a caress.

"Naomie... kiss me, please?"

She leans in slowly, her parted lips hovering near his, acutely turned on by delaying the gratification. "Take off your clothes first," she whispers, pulling up his shirt.

"Mnnnnf," he whimpers, sounding half frustrated and half titillated, raising his arms so she can strip off his T. Then he kicks off his shoes and unbuckles his belt, slowing to watch as Naomie sits on the bed unzipping her boots. She quickly tosses them aside, walks back to him in her stocking feet and pulls down the zipper on his jeans. Teases his mouth open. Shudders as their tongues tangle together feverishly. Eases his tight jeans and boxers down his hips. Frees his erect cock and strokes it very slowly, catching Cillian's moans in her mouth as she kisses him madly.

She pulls away from his mouth; immediately his hands turn her head so he can kiss her neck, her shoulder, then down to the rise of her breasts. Her clit throbs a pulse almost painfully, but she moans, "Take off your jeans." One of his hands starts to fumble around for the clasp of her skirt, but her hand leaps from his cock to stop him. "Strip," she tells him.

Naomie moves back to the bed and sits, watching as Cillian sheds his remaining clothes. She beckons him over to stand before her and slides her palms up and down his wiry torso, watching his eyes burn with need. She kisses his freckled skin, tongues and bites one of his tiny nipples, making him wriggle and whimper. Burying her face in his chest, she breathes in his intoxicating scent and wraps her arms around him, loving the powerful feeling of embracing his naked body while she's still clothed, loving how it feels to have his eager cock pressed up against her while her hands caress his firm arse. She draws back to let her right hand explore his swollen shaft, while her left lightly cups his tight balls. He's whimpering, looking down at her open-mouthed, anguished.

"So beautiful," she says, looking up at him, getting even wetter just at the thought of what she's about to ask. "Cill... you've never let me make you come. Will you let me?"

"Yes, yes," he answers quickly, thrusting into her fist. "Fuck!" he grunts in surprise when her hand moves from his balls to lightly finger the puckered contours of his arsehole, while her other hand slicks the head of his cock with his precum. He's trembling, eyes tightly shut, and suddenly she can't wait anymore.

"Lay down." As he crawls onto the bed, she gets up to fetch her bag and fishes the condoms out and throws a strip of them onto the bed.

"Jesus," he groans, as Naomie reaches under her skirt to pull off her panties. "You're not going to take anything else off, are you? Just going to have your way with me, like?"

"If that's a complaint, I can -- "

"Uh, no -- no complaints," Cillian laughs wryly.

"That's what I thought," she mock scolds him, as she climbs onto the bed on her knees, straddles his thighs, unwraps a condom. He props himself up on his elbows, and, breath catching, watches as she unrolls the thin membrane down over his thick wood.

Grasping him at the root, Naomie positions his cock at the mouth of her cunt and slides down the length of him, slowly enveloping him in her wet heat, gasping as his hips thrust to fill her up faster and he lets go a strangled yelp.

This is everything, her mind decides, as her heart nearly bursts from gazing into his eyes while her body is joined to his so fully. This is why I'm alive. She leans on her palms, lifts her hips and they cry out in unison when she bears down on him again, and the pressure as his cock fills her up is almost unbearably pleasurable. He's everything, everything, everything, her mind swirls. She starts to move a little faster, angling so she drags her clit just so along the length of his cock and into his pelvic bone, mewling softly as each stroke hits home.

"Naomie -- so good, baby." A red flush is spreading over Cillian's straining chest as he flexes to push his cock up into her. "Wait -- mmmmph --" he sits up, clutching under her skirt to still her hips, with an intoxicated but lost, almost fearful expression on his face. It's that breathtaking look she's seen before, but this time, his cock is hers.

He's starting to go under. She grips his shoulders, her hips bucking the grasp of his hands, fucking him fiercely, kissing him incoherently between gasping breaths. I want to take him there, I have to take him there now.

"Wait -- s'too soon! Oh, Jesus," he moans, hips hitching beneath her, eyes squeezing shut.

"Drown in me, drown in me, drown in me," she whispers to him over and over as she rides him furiously.

Spasms start to rack Cillian's skinny frame and he's coming hard, crying out uncontrollably, his body jerking and convulsing violently, until he cries "Ohh!" stopping her hips firmly, flashing her a look of disbelief. Then, panting, he collapses down on to the bed, puts his hands over his face. "Fuck."

Naomie holds the bottom of the condom in place while she rolls off of him, then stretches out next to him, runs her fingers over his ribs, triggering an aftershock tremor.

He peeks at her through his fingers, and she giggles. He shakes his head and she giggles again, and he can't help but laugh too. Naomie's still flying so high on a sexual and emotional tidal wave that her giggles quickly get out of control.

"Christ... I'm sorry," he says, tucking his hands behind his head.

"Don't be," she gasps, trying to get a hold of herself. "That's what I wanted."

"Yeah, I guess, but... did you... did you come?"

"No, but it's OK."

"Give me a minute to collect meself. You just about destroyed me."

Naomie's giggles get the better of her again and he kicks her.

"Have you gone daft on me, then?"

She curls into a ball against his side and tries to conquer her laughing fit.

"Fuck, that was so... You were so..." he sighs.

She giggles and bites her lip, wishing she could calm down. She takes a few long, deep breaths, squeezes her thighs together longingly.

Cillian reaches for her, "C'mereawantcha." He pulls her half onto his chest, curling her into his arm, and they kiss tenderly. "Will you please undress now?"

She can't repress a little snicker.

"That's it -- I'm through with obeying your every command, your highness," he growls, pushing her over onto her back. "Your clothes are coming off now!"

As Cillian pulls her shirt over her head, Naomie's extreme high is disrupted by a pang of vertigo. Don't look down. It's a long hard crash down from way up here.


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Apr. 13th, 2006 07:49 pm (UTC)
EEE! I must go back and read them all in succession to get the full effect.
Apr. 13th, 2006 08:00 pm (UTC)
Hee hee... full effect is always good...

Here's the tag: ppinnag storyline.
Apr. 13th, 2006 09:27 pm (UTC)
Well, it's about fucking time (excuse the pun!) lol!

As always scandalously delicious!!!
Apr. 13th, 2006 09:48 pm (UTC)
You always crack me up! Yay, glad you liked it.

C'mon now... favorite part(s)? Impressions? Predictions?
Apr. 13th, 2006 10:18 pm (UTC)

Favorite parts: 1) the sex of course, and 2) when she tore him a new one for bsing the entire time.

Impressions: I think they need to get together. Fuck family!!!

Predictions: See above, but then again, I sense pain in the near-future.
Apr. 13th, 2006 10:53 pm (UTC)
Ah, yes, the pain... but amidst the pain, there's the sex!
Apr. 14th, 2006 02:02 pm (UTC)
yes, yes, yes, the sex!!!!
Apr. 13th, 2006 09:39 pm (UTC)
Like I said in the other post, it's about fucking time!!
Apr. 13th, 2006 11:53 pm (UTC)
I'm liking/understanding Naomie better now. And I'm definitely feeling sorry for her. But I think I have to agree -- a little Cillian'd be better than none at all!

Very good chapter -- and amazingly hot sex! Can't wait for more!
Apr. 13th, 2006 11:57 pm (UTC)
*preens* OK, now I feel proud!!! You've got me smiling.

But I think I have to agree -- a little Cillian'd be better than none at all!

True dat.
Apr. 14th, 2006 03:17 am (UTC)
You should be very proud. You've turned my sympathies around, and that took a lot to work. I really am enjoying watching this story unfold.
Apr. 14th, 2006 03:24 am (UTC)
Apr. 14th, 2006 11:23 am (UTC)
hey, thanks for always keeping me updated on new chapters, as I still am an avid reader of this awesome fic! You really have perfect timing, you built up tension over the last few chapters until we were practically begging for it - and now we get, and boy is it good. Just brilliant, as always! Keep it coming;)....
Apr. 14th, 2006 05:08 pm (UTC)
Awesome, so glad you're still reading and still liking it despite the waits!
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Apr. 16th, 2006 01:43 pm (UTC)
chapter 7
great job once again!! I love the part where cillian is outside with a bottle of wine chugging it to work up the nerve.I can totally picture this.
I know this has to end soon and I am prepared for the end, whatever you chose, but you must continue writing. I have other story line ideas for you for future Cillian adventures taken from movie plots. If you would like to hear them just let me know!! Your writing is just addictive!! Other fan fic sites are really awful compared to yours!
I can't seem to become live journal user, I must be doing something wrong, but anyway, I am Laurel-I hate that ANONYMOUS title.
Apr. 16th, 2006 05:45 pm (UTC)
Re: chapter 7
Hey, this is high praise -- thanks, Laurel!

Plot bunnies are always welcome, so let me know what you're thinking.
I've got a minimum of three chapters left on this series though, and I'm not the fastest writer, so this'll keep going for a while. ;>

Where did you find out about my fic? (I post at several places.)

Strange that you're having trouble creating an LJ account. Didja go here?
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Apr. 17th, 2006 12:38 am (UTC)
Re: chapter 7
Hi Melty-
Finally figured out what went wrong,thanks.

I found your fic link @ cillian fan forum I think.

I swear if I read another horrible fan fic attempt by others I will die. There is a site where this guy is doing gay batman/ dr. crane story. Not good. I guess they can't all be as talented as M E L T Y!!!!! I will just stick with what I know will be quality and hetero!!!

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*chuckles* I have to say, I'm a BIG fan of (quality) Wayne/Crane slash. Someone named _blip_ just posted a really hot, really well-written Bruce/Jonathan story over on the wayne_crane community. Queer or het, I enjoy any well done Cillian smut! And two hot boys are better than one, after all. ;>

Glad to see you found your way onto LJ! You followed the link from the Knights of Cillian County forum? Funny, the reviews over there aren't very happy so far for this chapter. Oh well... to each their own, right?
Apr. 17th, 2006 02:08 pm (UTC)
Re: chapter 7
Hi melty- Thanks for the tip. I checked out blips wayne/crane fic and you were right, very well done. Keep me posted if you come across anything else of quality. I hate being dispapointed!!
Apr. 19th, 2006 06:03 pm (UTC)
Your Slave
Thank you for friending me! (lol, is that even a word??) Anyway, I LOVE this story, and I think you should update more often! I was terrified that you were just gonna leave us hanging.
Genius, you are!
Apr. 20th, 2006 04:29 am (UTC)
Re: Your Slave
Hey, thanks for the praise -- I'm so glad you enjoy this story.

I wish I could update more often, but I've gotta make a living! Ha ha. Actually, I also am not a fast writer, this is true -- not much I can do about it, sadly. And I like to research Irish & English phrasing/slang as well as the people in question and the making of 28 Days Later..., so I probably won't be speeding up anytime soon. But I hope it's worth the wait. I'm working on the next chapter...
Apr. 22nd, 2006 01:46 am (UTC)
Cillian tilts his head and gives her an unsure, searching look.

for an impetuous kiss of knee-buckling intensity

EEEEEP! Freckled skin!

SOOOO good. As usual. I love his honesty and how that frees Naomie up to ask for what she wants. Very realistic and well written!

I also agree that reading bad fic or slash is just painful and embarrassing. And this is NEITHER!
Apr. 22nd, 2006 02:25 am (UTC)
Yay, you liked it!

Yeah, he does do a head-tilting thing in a bunch of his roles, doesn't he? Ahhhh...

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Apr. 25th, 2006 05:06 am (UTC)
i actually started clapping. haha.

Do you mean because they finally had INTERCOURSE? Ha ha. Yeah, I had one reader over on (the oddly named but lively) Cillian's County forum say that it was anti-climactic. Oh well.

i trust it's cillian's turn now?

For the next chapter to be in his POV, you mean? Oh yeah! It's almost done.

i love the laughing part afterwards. i was laughing too cause it was too adorable.

Aw, that's cool.
Apr. 25th, 2006 08:36 am (UTC)
I lurk around your lj to read this but I HAVE to make my thoughts known now and tell you that this story is fan-fucking-tastic. I LOVE it to little pieces and in all the right and wrong ways.

SERIOUSLY hoping the next chapter comes out soon! *bounces* Don't know how much longer I can wait! O.O!
Apr. 25th, 2006 09:24 am (UTC)
...in all the right and wrong ways.

Oh, I love that.

Sorry for being a slow writer. I'm a bit of a perfectionist, but I hope I make it worth the wait. Actually, I'm about three-quarters done with the next chapter, and I just now had a little breakthrough on the chapter's theme, so it's feeling more right now. And on the wrong side of things, I think it might just have the highest percentage of smut of any chapter yet. Heh heh.

My illustrious beta lilithilien is traveling this week, so I have to find out if she'll have time to read this chapter soon. But who knows, she might have more down time than usual since she'll be away from work!

Thanks for de-lurking -- I love knowing that people are reading and enjoying my writing. *friends you* G'night.
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