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short research poll for fic accuracy

I'm hoping y'all can help me out with a bit of research for the next chapter of my Cillian/Naomie fic. My question is this: would it be realistic in the fall of 2001 for one of my two lovely RPF characters to browse the web on a laptop in a hotel room in southern England? I'm pretty sure I was still waiting for DSL to come to my urban neighborhood in the U.S. at that time (and cursing Verizon), but I don't remember what the situation was in hotels -- and I didn't know what it was like across the pond anyway.

Here's a very short poll on the topic of the Internet and the World Wide Wait, circa 4 1/2 years ago... Thanks!

Poll #713588 historical research poll (for fic accuracy)

Did you have a high-speed Internet connection in the fall of 2001?

Yes, I had DSL at home.
Yes, I had Internet cable at home.
No, I only had dial-up at home.

Did you use Internet services while traveling in the fall of 2001?

Yes, I remember using dial-up at a hotel.
Yes, I remember that a high-speed connection was available at a hotel.
I actually saw wi-fi offered at a hotel in 2001!
I otherwise used the Internet while traveling (but not at a hotel or friend's house).

Did you live or travel in Europe in the fall of 2001?

Yes, I lived in England.
Yes, I traveled in England.
Yes, I lived/traveled in Western Europe.
I wish... but no such luck.

Did you have a web site in the fall of 2001?

Oh yeah!

Did you spend a lot of time browsing the web then?

Totally addicted.
No, I spent much more time on email and list-servs.
Don't remember.

Were you on livejournal.com in the fall of 2001?

Indeed, I was.
I think so... it was some time around then that I joined.
No, not yet.

I have a suggestion for you about figuring this out...


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Apr. 20th, 2006 05:08 pm (UTC)
I bollixed the poll -- was reading the date wrong!!! I was not living in Ireland in 2001, but I did travel to London and stayed with an Irish friend who lived there in Kentish Town. She didn't have a connection at home, but did at work, and I know she used it for websurfing (e.g., planning hols and such) as well as email. There were plentiful Internet cafes, but I didn't stay at a hotel, so I can't say what they were like.
Apr. 20th, 2006 06:07 pm (UTC)
Hee hee. Cool - thanks for clarifying.

Maybe I should just contact a few Salisbury-area hotels and ask 'em. I used one of their logos for Naomie's letter and don't really want to alert them, but it probably couldn't hurt...

I did actually email the soldiers' mansion location to inquire about the nature of the lodging mentioned on their web site, and they were kind enough to email back promptly to clarify. "And why do you ask?" I didn't reply!

BTW, I always love your "oh crap!" icon. Finally saw the original photo from the Red Eye premiere. It made me think that all the product that was uncharacteristically in his hair was distracting him.
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