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Ere | After

"Past Performance..." 5: Cill Me Now

EDIT: Please take my first POLL -- it's about this fanfic series. It's fun and quick -- thnx! You may want to read this chapter first though!

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Title: Past Performance Is Not Necessarily A Guide
Pairing: Cillian Murphy & Naomie Harris from 28 Days Later...
Rating: NC-17 (RPF, Het)
Summary: All sobered up, Naomie tries to sneak out of Cillian's hotel room.
Author's Notes: Danny is the film's director. Leo is another actor who was drinking with Cillian and Naomie the previous night. I enjoy researching Irish and English slang and phraseology, so as usual there are a few little fun things tossed in; my beta in London is AWOL, so hopefully they're used correctly and there aren't too many out-of-place Americanisms (corrections are eagerly welcomed).
Disclaimer: As should be obvious by now, this is completely fictional! I don't know these actors and I'm not making any money from this story.

Previous Chapters:
Chapter 1: If Looks Could Kill
Chapter 2: A Vulnerable Position
Chapter 3: Already Messy
Chapter 4: Tomorrow Never Knows

Jostled into semi-consciousness, Naomie awakens to contradictory sensations. Her stomach feels hollowed out and her head is woozy and achy, but her skin tingles with arousal -- a lean, naked body is embracing her from behind. She remembers: Cillian. Her colleague, her crush. He's holding her close, his morning glory pressed against her temptingly.

"'Zat th'phone?" she asks. Cillian doesn't answer, doesn't move. She doesn't recognize the ring tone -- must be his mobile. His breathing is shallow, and the arm around her is tensed up. He's probably awake. Maybe he wishes he were still asleep.

A shadowy anxiety flickers a warning from the recesses of her dreamscape. Why did I allow myself to get so out of control last night? I've never behaved like that in public before -- but then again, I've never been that drunk before.

Suddenly Naomie feels trapped. A host of worries descends on her all at once. What if I'm too hung over to focus on work tonight? What if I'm too distracted by what happened with Cillian? What if everyone finds out? What if Danny disapproves? What if Cillian gets weird on me? What if I can't handle this? What if Cillian doesn't want anything more to happen? What if he does?

Nervous energy shoots through her body. She draws a deliberate, deep breath. Moves Cillian's arm gently and slips out of bed. Reels slightly as she stands, never having experienced a bit of the spins before. Snatches her sweater from a chair and the aspirin bottle from the bureau. Flees to the loo.

She takes two aspirin, then sits on the toilet for a long while, just fretting. What must he think of me pursuing him like that when he's got a girlfriend? But maybe I should be judging him for being the kind of man who cheats? I need to go back to my own room and get myself grounded. Washing up, she attempts to get control of herself or at least act like she's in control.

Her pussy throbs when she thinks back to everything that they'd done last night, but it almost seems like it was someone else who'd gone to those intimate places with Cillian, not her. It's scary to go out there and face him sober. Note to self: this is why drinking is stupid. I wonder -- was he as drunk as I was? Even if he was, he's a drinker, so he knew what he was doing. Boy, did he know what he was doing.

She buttons up her oversized cardigan, feeling silly since it barely covers her bum. Tugging it down, she walks back out into the hotel room. Cillian's in his boxer shorts, sitting on the sofa, smoking a fag with one hand while the other holds his mobile to his ear. Her heart pounds when their eyes meet, and she wishes she wasn't so viscerally attracted to him. He flashes her a quick sheepish sorry-about-the-smoke-and-about-being-on-my-mobile look, then goes back to his call. He's not speaking, so he must be listening to a voicemail from whoever just called. Sitting down on the bed, Naomie feels uneasy and unsure of what to do with herself. She wants to bolt.

Stubby cigarette dangling from his lips, Cillian gets up and goes into the loo, still on his mobile. She knows she probably shouldn't leave without speaking to him, but she really wants to escape. Maybe if he's in there for a long time, I'll just leave. What do people say in this kind of situation anyway? I certainly wouldn't know. She looks around for her bag, finds it and fishes out her mobile. No messages. Half past nine. OK, good. Now, where'd I throw my knickers? Not seeing them, she instead picks up her skirt, puts it on. Spies her T-shirt and pauses, debating whether to quickly take off her sweater and put on the T-shirt or to just stuff it in her bag.

"You leaving then?" Cillian asks, standing in the doorway.

Startled, Naomie turns in his direction. "Ummm... I'm not feeling so well, and I'd like to prepare myself for tonight, you know?"

"Right. Yeah." They eye each other nervously for a few uncomfortably long moments.

Naomie breaks the silence. "I'm sorry, I'm... I'm a little..." she trails off.

He starts walking towards her slowly. "A little...?"

"It's just -- I don't usually..." she backs up a step.

Cillian smiles wanly. "Me neither."

"No, you see... I don't usually drink. I don't usually cry like that. And I don't... usually..." She sighs. "I'm a just a little embarrassed."

"Yeah." When she looks taken aback, Cillian clarifies, "I mean, yeah, I'm a wee bit embarrassed as well." He steps in close, takes her hand, suggests, "Maybe we should sit and talk about this before you go -- yeah?"

Naomie looks down and watches his sturdy, pale fingers lightly caress her slender brown hand. This small act, just this subtle touch from Cillian, is getting her wet. She concentrates on keeping her breathing steady.

He continues, haltingly, "I want to make sure we're OK... working together. I, uhhh... I really don't want things to get... awkward."

"Me neither," she murmurs, still looking down. She lets her hand respond to his touch, and their fingers begin sliding and entwining.

After a few long moments pass, she hesitantly looks up to see Cillian biting his lip, agitated. She sucks in a quick breath. He whispers, "Fuck. Naomie, what are you doing to me?" A tidal wave of lust and fear washes over her. He drops her hand. She's frozen where she stands, heart beating fast.

Then Cillian starts caressing her face, studying her, eyebrows knitted, shaking his head slightly. He's scolding himself. Sad and nervous, Naomie closes her eyes, silently willing him to keep touching her. He does, running his fingers up and down her throat, over her lips. Her mouth trembles open and ever so slowly he slides a finger in deep. Her eyes open, only to see that he's leaning in to kiss her, his finger still in her mouth. She thrills to hear him whimper softly when their open mouths meet. He tastes a little like toothpaste and tobacco, but to Naomie, he's supremely delectable. Cillian's lips, tongue and fingers explore her mouth, almost delicately. And in case that wasn't already enough to disarm her completely, he keeps pulling back between kisses to gaze into her eyes with his killer baby blues. His chest heaves when he watches as she tongues his finger while he slides it in and out of her mouth, and he whimpers again when their lips reconnect. No longer emboldened by booze and now weakened by her intense response to what he's doing, Naomie is much more nervous than she was last night. She kisses him back, but she's really just letting him have his way with her mouth. Hands fluttering at her sides, she's afraid to touch him, afraid to do anything, not wanting to push too far and have him stop her. It has to be his decision, his move to take this wherever it's going.

He pulls back again, eyelids heavy, and cradles her face in his hands. "Jesus Christ, you make me --" Cillian exhales sharply. "You're so... Oh, bloody hell." Kissing her insistently, he slides his hands down her arms, takes her hands, and moves them to his naked back, pulling her arms around him, slowly easing her body against his. Naomie feels him shiver under her fingers, feels that he's getting hard. Hands moving back to her face, he turns her head and thrusts his tongue deeply into her mouth. Their tongues wrestle madly as they kiss with abandon, his stubble scraping her lips. He pulls her head to the side to kiss her neck, and she can't help but moan when he starts to suck at her throat; her nails dig into his back.

He whispers in her ear, "Back to bed," and her knees falter slightly as he steers them across the room, stopping when the back of her calves hit side of the bed. His cock is practically bursting out of his boxers, but this time she doesn't dare touch. She clenches her jaw nervously when Cillian pulls her skirt down to the floor. As he rises to stand, he runs his palms up the outsides of her legs; then all at once, he slides his hands around to fondle her bare backside, presses his hard-on against her and runs his tongue under her top lip, licks the roof of her mouth, pushes his tongue in deep again.

"Lay down," he growls, pushing her down onto the bed. Naomie wriggles backwards onto the rumpled bed. Cillian kneels straddling her, sits down on her hips, and unfastens the top button of her cardigan, then strokes her skin from her jaw to her throat to her breastbone and kisses her there -- there where the button had covered her. Then the second button goes; he pulls one side of the cardigan open to reveal a breast, which he caresses and squeezes.

"You can do... whatever... you want to do to me," Naomie sighs breathlessly. "Except... I don't have condoms."

"It's alright. I ca -- I won't..." He bends to kiss her breast, licks the tip of her nipple.

He can't, he won't let me have his cock. It's maddening... but I want whatever he can and will do. Cillian's mouth begins sucking her nipple, electrifying Naomie's whole body; she moans softly and slides her hand over his buzzed hair.

He stops to watch her reaction as he undoes one more button, then another. He bares her other breast, tongues it, licks her neck, leans on both hands and grinds his erection against her. "I want to taste you. I wanna lick your pussy."

"Mmmmnn," she whimpers.

"It's... you're... you're OK, right? It's safe?"


"Sorry, I -- "

Naomie cuts him off, "Don't be... it's best to -- " She's interrupted by his mouth sucking at hers.

Next, Cillian unfastens the last of her buttons, pulls off her sweater, lowers his bare chest onto hers, and she wraps her arms around him. He moves from sitting on her hips to lying fully horizontal with all his weight on her and slips his thigh between her legs. "Gah, you're so wet," he groans, grinding his stiff cock against her hip. "You drive me fucking crazy." Swiftly, Cillian pushes Naomie's thighs apart and shifts himself between them -- only the thin cloth of his boxers separates his cock and her pussy -- and he starts thrusting against her, moaning into her neck in a helpless way that makes Naomie's heart feel like it's bursting. Clutching at his back, she gasps at feeling the length of his thick, hard shaft slide back and forth against her cunt and clit.

"Fuck me," is on the tip of her tongue, but there's no way she'd do it without a condom. Her hips rock up uncontrollably and the head of his cock presses about a centimetre into her slit, with only his underwear holding him back. Boxers aren't made of latex! she frets, wondering how risky this is. But Cillian rolls off her onto his side and tugs at her waist, grinding against her side, breathing heavily. Naomie turns her head to look at him, and sees that he looks almost heartbroken even as his lush mouth pants with lust.

"I'm so fucked up," he says forlornly. "I don't want to want you like this."

A sick feeling rises up in Naomie's chest and she looks away. Up yours, you bastard, she thinks bitterly. I should leave. Now. After a beat, she says weakly, "Sweet talk me, why don't you?"

His hand is stealing fast down her belly. "I'm sorry," he whispers as his fingers find her throbbing clit and he rubs his erection against her again. She shudders and whimpers as his hand stokes her fire. Propping himself up a bit, he hooks a finger into her cunt. "I'm sorry," he says again. "I want you so bad, dry humping you almost had me creaming meself -- like a kid." Pushing a second finger into her, Cillian inhales sharply as her hips roll up to meet his hand. "It's amazing seeing you this way. You're dead beautiful."

Naomie's pussy feels molten hot. When he adds a third finger and thrusts hard, she yelps. "Wait... I'm sore from last night. I think you... ripped me... a little."

Cillian looks guilty and removes his hand, "Oh, sorry."

"Don't stop -- it was just too many fingers."

He half-grins. "OK." Sitting up, he grabs a pillow and sets it on her stomach. "Here." She holds onto it. Then he gets off the bed, grasps a surprised Naomie by the ankles and pulls until her bottom is at the edge of the mattress. Cillian puts the pillow under her head, takes off his boxers, then kneels on the floor between her legs, looking up at her, stroking her inner thigh -- and his cock. The sight of this takes her breath away.

But even better than that is the mind-blowing vision of Cillian's beautiful eyes watching her as his tongue traces searing circles around her engorged clit. It's not long before Naomie is fighting to contain her body's writhing and unable to hold back her moans and gasps. Every now and again, she's tortured when his mouth's intensity falters and she guesses that he's chasing his own orgasm more than hers. But at these moments, he reaches up and squeezes her tit hard or he moans against her pussy and that excites her too.

Naomie arches her spine, pushes her hips back, feels her clit growing almost painfully over-sensitised. Cillian's tongue hits a glorious up-and-back stride and she knows she's going to climax soon. "Uhhhnnn. Right there... " she gasps. He grunts and licks her steadily, then slows for a moment, his eyes clenching shut. "Please!" she begs, "Cillian, please, please, please..." He picks up the pace again and starts fucking her with two fingers as he tongues her. Soon Naomie cries out as blazing spasms seize her body, repeatedly jolting her shoulders up off the bed. Cillian holds her jerking hips down with both hands, and he licks and licks her as she comes, until she gasps, "Stop, stop..."

Cillian immediately straightens up, wipes his mouth and starts stroking his erect cock, though two fingers of his other hand are once again deep within Naomie's still contracting cunt.

And Naomie feels like she's died and gone to heaven. That was un-fucking-believable. More confident now, she tells Cillian, "Come up here."

He stills his hand for a moment, flashes her a questioning look.

"C'mere. Do it up here."

He climbs up on the bed, stands on his knees over her, and strokes his dick. He groans and chuckles simultaneously when Naomie reaches under him to finger her clit. She feels like she could have a dozen more orgasms.

"I want you to come on my chest," she tells him softly, both pleased and freaked out by her bold request.

He looks a little flustered.

"Please," she gasps, her arousal spiking up again.

Cillian drops down on all fours, a flat palm right above each of her shoulders, his wiry frame hovering above her, his eyes staring into hers. Then he moves one hand back to his hard-on and starts pulling fast. Almost immediately, his mouth opens wide and he shudders and grunts, coming hard, pointing his cock so his cum spurts onto her stomach and breasts. It's a new, illicit thrill for Naomie to feel the warm stickiness drip over her nipples. When Cillian leans down to kiss her, she comes again, moaning into his mouth. It's wildly intimate to taste her own juices on his lips while his essence is wet on her skin, and she wonders how it would taste if he came in her mouth; she laughs inwardly at the thought, guessing that it probably wouldn't be the thing that would make that act so delicious.

After catching his breath, Cillian grabs some tissues and cleans her off, looking apologetic. She smiles at him happily and he laughs, then sits back against the headboard. "Wow," he sighs, sounding spent. "Hey... come over here."

Naomie crawls over to him and he guides her to sit on his lap, straddling his thighs and facing him. He cranes his neck up to kiss her, strokes her back. They look into each other's eyes for a long time.

Cillian starts to look a little riled, a little sad. He swallows nervously. "Naomie, my life has been... moving along a certain track for a long time. I, uhh... I -- "

She kisses him softly to stop him -- she just can't listen to anything more, can't bear to have this discussion. So she kisses his lips. Kisses his forehead. Kisses his temples. Kisses his eyelids. Tries to suppress her resurgent anxiety. Then, faking a relaxed cheerfulness, she asks, "Mind if I take a shower?"

Cillian shakes his head, opens his mouth to say something but decides against it.

She bends to give him a quick, casual kiss, but his hand slides up into her hair so she can't get away so easily; he draws out the kiss tenderly. When he lets go, her eyes dodge his worried expression and she retreats to the bathroom.

Once under the hot water in the shower, Naomie practices some deep breathing. She tries to direct her focus away from the question of whether that's it with Cillian. She needs to think about being Selena, to go back and sit with the script, to centre herself for tonight. Back to reality, girl. Breathe.

When she re-enters the room, Cillian's asleep again. Or maybe he's acting. Naomie dresses quickly, and, feeling a little indecent not wearing any knickers, slips out the door. Her stomach growls -- that's a good sign.

Then she remembers -- she doesn't have her key. As she walks down the hall, her mind composing what to say to the staff at reception, she sees Leo emerge from the stairs. Oh no.

Leo looks amused as he walks towards her. "Ah, Miss Harris. Perfect timing!" He rummages in his pocket. "Might you be needing this?" It's her key.

"Oh... ta."

"That outfit looks familiar."

"I, um, crashed out on Cillian's sofa."

He raises his eyebrows. "Of course you did."

Kill me now. "Don't get the wrong idea. I don't usually drink and I was really sick... and it was late, and I couldn't find my key, and I was vomiting... so Cillian took care of me."

"I'll bet he took care of you. Look, it's none of my business. But you do know he has a girlfriend, yeah?"

She sighs. "Thanks for getting my key back to me, Leo," she says in a somewhat chilly tone, walking away towards her room. "Laters."


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> I already left a review for chapter 4 on aff,

I saw it - THANKS!!!

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Yeah, something weird's going on over at aff. Chapter 5 disappeared and the entire site seems to have reverted to an edition from last week; I guess if there's no explanation by tomorrow, I'll repost. I'm glad lj is stable.

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You are a superb writer sweety. Absolutely superb.

I loved every chapter immensely.

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